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Ocean Invitation :icongriddles:Griddles 25 6
Antithesis pt9 - Scar the Earth part 2
Dexter thrashed. His knee caught Drax in the back and knocked him off balance. Dexter sucked in an invaluable gasp of air before Drax's robotic hand clamped back down on his windpipe. Dexter gurgled uselessly, blood bubbling from his nostrils.
Drax hadn't lost his maniacal grin, "One hand! That's all I need to end you, Dexter. Vengeance for my plan in ruins." Dexter's face was beginning to turn blue under the crushing iron claw. Drax bent down to the boy's face, "Be silent," he told him "you haven't won here. Let me show you."
Drax's other hand came to his sleek black forearm, grasping it in such a way that he only needed to pull gently to lift the outer casing off of what was beneath. Dexter, through shattered glasses and blurred vision, could make out a tiny version of the interface built into the side of the great machine - Drax's personal uplink to his emissary. Drax's fingers tapped and danced deftly across the small touch display; a maestro at his piano. Somewhere beneath the sol
:icongriddles:Griddles 4 0
Pray for ES :icongriddles:Griddles 11 8 Santa And Her Reindeer :icongriddles:Griddles 42 4
Antithesis pt8 - Scar the Earth part 1
Hazy light came to Dexter's eyes. His whole body was numb, as though floating in cloud. The sound in his ears echoed distantly, never quite managing to make sense. And there she was. He blinked, hoping his vision would clear. It wouldn't. His arm wouldn't move as he tried to check if his glasses were on straight. She approached and he could hear her voice. He tried to call back to his angel in the clouds.
"Blossom...!" he tried to shout, but his voice was a faraway murmur.
Still she drew closer, her chestnut hair ringed by the glaring white light, her face in silhouette. Her voice grew stronger; nearer. She was calling his name. Her hand was reaching out.
"Save... you..." Dexter moaned, still unable to hear his own words. Out came her hand. Closer. Closer. He wanted to reach it, seize it and float off into the light forever. Their arguments would be forgotten, any sins against each other absolved. The world beneath the clouds could burn in Sigma fire, for all he cared. If he had Blosso
:icongriddles:Griddles 7 1
Mature content
Just One Finger :icongriddles:Griddles 47 8
No Longer A Planet :icongriddles:Griddles 110 13 You're Wicke But My Gosh Don't You Know It :icongriddles:Griddles 77 17 Bree and Brionne :icongriddles:Griddles 52 8 Neck Smoochies :icongriddles:Griddles 43 6
Antithesis pt7 - Sigma
Drax had the posture of a lazy bystander, leaning against the central spine of his grand machine as it bombarded the world below with its jamming transmission and scooped up any monetary resource it could find in data form. Beneath it the portal surged and flashed but remained steady, held open by the three arms reaching sideways and suspending the spherical quantum anchors above its maw, forcing it wide enough for his masterful invention to exist in two worlds at once. His arms were folded, his body relaxed. His black leather longcoat danced around his feet. He was watching Blossom, his sole audience member. She was slumped against the solid steel rail of their gantry. She'd been there ever since the falling jet plane disappeared out of view.
"No, please," Drax said, "tell me what staring out at the horizon's going to accomplish."
"They were headed out to sea," Blossom responded, her voice weak against the thrashing vortex below, "If the pilot's worth his wings, they'll be ok." She tu
:icongriddles:Griddles 4 6
The First Planet :icongriddles:Griddles 166 18 Dat Dress Tho :icongriddles:Griddles 45 9 The Heart By The Seaside :icongriddles:Griddles 25 1 Cold August Day :icongriddles:Griddles 12 8
Mature content
Panty and Stocking w/ Garterbelt Ch 3 Script :icongriddles:Griddles 4 0
I hope I'm getting better at this!


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So yeah, 2017 has so far been quiet for me on here. It'll most likely stay that way. I'll be finishing off the epilogue of Antithesis and I don't know where to go from there - there's been no interest in my written work at all so I guess I might just end it and not continue. Haven't decided yet. I'm sure some people DO read it but nobody leaves their thoughts and comments afterward so it's rather disheartening.

Oh, and I'm getting married later in the year!! <33
So I suppose I'll be even LESS frequent after that.

But meantime I'm always looking to help out my incredible fiance :iconblossomppg: - her commissions are still open! Check out her stuff -

Go Halloween by BlossomPPG Join the MHC by BlossomPPG

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We are saving up for a future together. As I've made very clear on here, real life comes first. Always.
Ain't that right, minha amor?

:iconbigheartplz:              :iconblossomppg::icongriddles:


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