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Commissions, maybe?

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 10:53 PM
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Hey all! Look alive there!   ;)

Hope you've all been well. I'm doing fine. Weather's slowly warming up, which is good, and we're heading toward birthday alley! A few people in my family all have birthdays at the end of the year. My sister, my brother, my babygirl and myself all have birthdays between now and Christmas.

Also, my parents' 3oth anniversary is coming up! Congrats Mum and Dad!

I've been catching eps of Sword Art Online. The Alfheim season. It's awesome! Haven't seen the first bit - dodgy Aussie anime scheduling! But it's one for the DVD list. Along with Madoka, Legend of Korra and such. Anything else I really, should, absolutely must add to that list? Let me know guys!

So I've been wondering about my art and where it's at. I know that compared to a couple of years ago I've gotten totes better and whatev. I used to commission better artists to draw for me - and make no mistakes, I'm still nowhere near as good as any of them. But I'm more confident in my ability. So I'll put this out there: if I offered cheap art commissions, would any of you take me up on it? I've drawn for some local friends before, but I guess doing commissions here is like a next level thing. Whaddya think, everyone?

I know that I've still got some outstanding obligations - owing art, commission fees etc. I intend to square away all those, so if you know I've left something incomplete or unfinished, send me a note and get me up to speed. Things get hectic now and then; sorry for any inconvenience.

Halfway through the Alphabet now. M's a great letter! If I go a while between uploads I'll try and make up for that by putting up a couple in a row. I've got some good stuff coming up after we hit Z. I'm very eager to show you all!

Something I'm floating around is a monthly feature. Something for the future where all pics put up in a month feature a chosen character. Does that interest you? Who could that work for?

Everyone please take care - I'll see you again soon!

Remember, you are all fantastic!

Written by Grids, posted on his behalf.

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victorious-victini Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
You are so great and inspiring! :D If I had met you in person, I would hug you!
theblossomerqueen Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014
I have not. He / she maybe a hacker or something :/
Griddles Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014
Anyone know who BT1996 is?

He/she keeps visiting but hasn't got any activity on their page, except a comment from someone who clearly doesn't like him/her.
DarKingdomHearts Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hey Grids, just came by to say that your work is still great! As well as your writing (too bad Grim Tales was pushed off a mountain and is going downhill).
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Would you like to join our group, take a look we're starting new.
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